Hey all you former Oil KIngs, don't forget  Oil Kings Alumni rings are available for you to purchase. Crafted by rernowned ring makers Josten's, you'll proudly wear this fine piece of jewellery,carrying the famous Oil Kings crown. You have your choice of the oil drop at the top, as worn by the modern day Oil Kings, or  select the small cross, which adorned Oil Kings jerseys from the 50's through the 70's). The words EDMONTON OIL KINGS, with 2 maple leafs will surround the logo, which sits atop a rich, red stone.
   One side of your Lustrium (polished stainless steel) ring it will say at the top "SINCE 1950", which was Year 1 for the hockey club. The middle section carries badges of all 7 leagues in which the Oil Kings have played  since their inception. The bottom displays the word "ALUMNI".
   Here's the best part. You will be able to totally personalize your ring on the other side.
-Your last name will be placed on it at the top, in big bold letters, not just engraved!
-There's a place to insert your number in the middle section, if you can remember what you wore, oldtimer!
-At the bottom you wil be able to designate the years of service you toiled for the Oil Kings.
   And how about this......  your cost is only $299.95  You must add GST to this total, bringing it to $314.95  This includes shipping, right to your front door !
   On your behalf, the Oil Kings Alumni has already paid for the set-up of these rings.
All that remains is for you to CALL  JOHN GRIEVE at JOSTENS HERE IN EDMONTON  780-435-8811.